Rohr Foley

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Rohr Foley, Alabama
Rohr Southern Industries

In 1983, Rohr won follow-on work for the giant C5-B military transport planes to serve the Lockheed Georgia facility. This required that Rohr set up an assembly plant in Foley, Alabama (Kepos, 1994; Rohr, 1987).

The Foley plant, a
nonunion facility, opened in 1984 with 37 employees in a 110,000 complex. New engine cowlings (nacelles) are made as well as the maintenance and overhauling of nacelles at this plant  (Amy, 2009; Schena, 24 Sept 1990).

In May of 1985, the Foley plant made it's first delivery for the new U.S. Air Force's C-5B transport (Johnson, 1985). 

According to the 1980's Riverside Handbook for Salaried Employees "in addition to doing engine subsystem, pylon, nacelle and thrust reverser assembly for the C-5B Galaxy transport, employees assemble C-130 Hercules transport engine mount spares for direct delivery to the U.S. Air Force."

By 1990, Rohr Foley workedon final assembly for military and commercial programs and employed 710 people (Rohr, 1990).

Goodrich Corporation acquired Rohr in 1997. In mid-December of 2009, due to a slowdown in the airplane maintenance business Goodrich planned to notify 78 workers in maintenance of layoffs planned for January of 2010 (Amy, 2009).

What are some of your memories of working at Rohr in Foley? Please send in your photos, your stories and newspaper or newsletter articles so that we can post them here. Thanks!

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