Space Products Division

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Space Products Division
Riverside, California
Early in 1962, Rohr Division produced "the nozzle for the first successfully fired 120-inch diameter solid propellant rocket motor." In 1963, the Space Products Dvision was formed (Rohr Corporation. 1968, p. 28). During mid-1963, Rohr fabricated a successfully fired nozzle extension for the F-1 liquid propellant engine (Clements. Summer 1965, p. 48).

The Space Products Division moved into its new facility at Riverside (Rohr Corporation 1964 Annual Report, p. 11). "A substantial amount of work on large rocket components" took place in the Hall of Giants (Rohr Corporation, 1968, p. 3). 

In May of 1964, Lockheed Propulsion Company's rocket motor was successfully fired, and then re-fired on September 30th (Rohr Corporation 1964 Annual Report, p. 11).   

By 1965, Rohr's space customers were: Thiokol Chemical Corporation, Lokheed Propulsion Company, and United Technology Center. Rohr was manufactured the submerged liquid injection and vector control nozzle for the 156-inch filament wound solid booster motor, the insulation for for the 3-million pound thrust nozzle case, and insulation of aft closure and center sections (Peeples. Summer 1965, p. 54).

In 1967, the Space Products Division's activity in large solid rocket motor development programs slowed down but had "reasonable prospects for participation in new programs" in the the proposal stage." Rohr fabricated and delivered to the Aerojet-General Corporation a nozzle for the largest rocket motor developed by the Air Force (Rohr Corporation 1967 Annual Report, p. 3, 9).

X-33 single-stage-to-orbit reusable launch vehicle advanced metallic thermal protection system - "The basic design of this system, which is one of the advanced technologies featured on Lockheed Martin's subscale X-33 demonstrator vehicle, is that of a “lifting body,” and it has a rugged metallic thermal protection system that acts as a heat shield during reentry into Earth's atmosphere." (Strauss, Barry; Hulewicz, Jeff. Advanced Materials & Processes v. 151, May 1997, p. 55-6).

156-inch nozzles for solid-fuel flight-weight prototype rocket motors

The name Thiokol comes from the Greek, thio meaning sulfer, and kol meaning glue (Peeples. Spring 1965, p. 61).

10-ton solid booster nozzle
plant: Riverside, Chula Vista
built for: Thiokol Chemical Corporation and the U.S. Air Force's Space Systems Division
Rohr products:
The rocket nozzle for the 156-inch solid fuel Thiokol space booster was test fired in February of 1965. During the 19 test firings none of the Rohr-built parts failed.
Austin, Edward T., ed. Summer 1965. Rohr Magazine 15, no. 2: 13.

filament-wound third stage motor


Air Force Titan III launch vehicle
Plant: Riverside
Rohr manufactured component:
solid rocket motor components, casin, nozzles and plugs
Rohr manufactured for the Titan III and Space shuttle launch rockets (Rohr, 1976, p. 1). The
Air Force Titan III launch vehicle is "the largest unmanned booster used by the Air Force at the time" (Goodrich, 2004).

United Technology Center's Titan III-C Program (Sunnyvale, California)
Plant: Riverside, Chula Vista
Rohr products: rubber insulation, aft closure, rubber insulation liner,
bearing insulation segments, liner portion of the booster engines, aluminum intertank structure
Austin, Edward T., ed. Summer 1965. Rohr Magazine 15, no. 2: 53.


Rohr also worked on:

Tracking Radome & Radiotelescope

Vehicle for Sonar Transducer calibration at the Navy, Point Loma facility

Western Electric's Horn Antenna Window

Navy's Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV-2)
Plant: Riverside
Rohr manufactured component: fiberglass outer hull


Submerged liquid injection and vector control nozzle for 156” filament wound solid booster motor  
Insulation for case for 3 million pound thrust nozzle 
Insulation of aft closure  and center sections
a complex telemetering device for Project Mercury, the man-in-space effort

insulation for solid propellant rocket motor cases
nozzles for solid propellant rocket motors
ablative tape wrapped line
ablative nozzle extensions for liquid propellant engines
filament wound glass fiber structures
fiber-glass laminate products for space vehicles and helicopters


Austin, Edward T., ed. Summer 1965. Rohr Magazine 15, no. 2: 13.

Clements, H. R. Summer 1965. “Space Products Division.” Rohr Magazine 15, no. 2: 48–50.

Rohr Corporation 1967 Annual Report.
Rohr Corporation. Rohr Corporation, 1968, p. 28-29.

Rohr Industries, Inc. Annual Report 1976.


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